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WARNING: A number of Arduino-DGX-XC95 boards have a misprint and their J1 jumper is mirrored! Please, refer to the pictures in this section for the proper jumper configuration.

Description: Arduino-DGX is a PMOD(™) interface compatible Arduino-MEGA based embedded development platform providing configurable signals routing between available PMOD(™) ports and Atmega IO signals. Easy configurable for UART/SPI/GPIO/I2C signal routing. Perfect fly-wire and breadboard prototyping replacement solution.


  • CPLD based non-volatile signal routing configuration
  • up to 5V signal IO pins tolerant
  • embedded JTAG over FTDI programming interface
  • standard VHDL/Verilog configurable signal routing
  • Arduino MEGA rails compatible pinout including 54 digital IO
  • up to 18V unregulated DC input (meant for use with automotive 13.8V battery)
  • up to 3A power injection into Arduino power rail (3V3 supply wire only)
  • 10 PMOD(™) compatible sockets for modules connectivity
  • Complete I2C support including FT2232H
  • extended support for UART signals including DTR/DSR/RI/DCD
  • Reset and management buttons step-up
  • Headers pass-through stackable design


Assembly chains with this board

  • assembly chain - Arduino-DGX-XC95+pmUSBUART2.png
  • assembly chain - Arduino-DGX-XC95+pmLEDDUO.png
  • assembly chain - Arduino-DGX-XC95 sniffing MEGA2560.png

How-to use this board to fix/upgrade CH340 based Arduino-MEGA2560 boot-loader.

beware you’ll have to use FT2232H channel B