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Description: pm3V3 r2 is a PMOD(™) interface compatible module providing step-down power injection regulator with telemetry support.


  • up to 18V unregulated DC input (meant for use with automotive 13.8V battery)
  • constant 3V3 regulated DC PMOD (™) standard output
  • up to 3A power injection into PMOD(™) communication rail (3V3 supply wire)
  • power-back to the incoming communication PMOD(™) socket (optional jumper)
  • PMOD(™) socket signals transparent bypass through
  • constant incoming supply voltage reading with the help of ADM1191
  • constant current consumption reading with the help of ADM1191
  • separate PMOD(™) port, i2c interface based readings from ADM1191
  • round 2.1mm as well as 2 pole screw power in connectors


View schematic in PDF

Assembly chains with this board assembly chain - pmMTu3V3+pm5V0+pmTPS+pm3V3+pmCLK+pmUSBUART2.png assembly chain - pmLEDDUO+pm3V3+pmTPSMAX+pmUSBUART2.png assembly chain - pmBBE+pm3V3+pmTPS+pmCLK+pmUSBUART2.png assembly chain - pmLEDDUO+pm3V3+pmTPS+pmCLK+pmUSBUART2.png

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Part number: 305901