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Description: pmTPSMAX is a PMOD(™) interface compatible module providing configurable signals routing between available PMOD(™) ports. easy configurable for UART/SPI/GPIO signal routing. capacity enough for bidirectional I2C/IWIRE protocols implementation. fly-wire and bread-board replacement solution.


  • high capacity CPLD based non-volatile signal routing configuration
  • up to 5V signal IO pins tolerant
  • JTAG header for configuration upload
  • 16 support side LEDs for signal state indication (optional)
  • heavy current Darlington Sink Drivers (500 mA per line)
  • standard VHDL/Verilog configurable signal routing
  • 4 PMOD(™) interface ports
  • 14 test point IO pads


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Assembly chains with this board

assembly chain - pmLEDDUO+pm3V3+pmTPSMAX+pmUSBUART2.png

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