Telit GM862-GPS based board for EVK2 or PMOD(TM) DUO or DGX RIF connection. S6EVK2 series M2M modem intelligence board for development/industrial use of GSM/GPRS/GPS services. Multisim interface provided for intelligence border-to-border roaming-avoid functionality. NMEA 2K interface for Boat/IntelliHome integration Spartan 6 intelligence embedded with the modem allow hardware/softcore processor data management solutions.


Telit modem GM862-GPS series SMA antenna connector Independent power converter with income voltage 5-18V SIM holder and external MULTISIM port EVK2 interface for original Telit devkit compatibility Interfaces intelligence implemented with a help of Xilinx Spartan 6:

PMOD(TM) DUO interface allowing Digilent/Xilinx dev boards connectivity RIF interface allowing DGX boards family merge over standard IDE40 cable RIF also provide power sharing between modem and DGX boards RIF allow up to 3 direct PMOD(TM) modules connectivity CAN transceiver with awake on CAN bus power present feature Documentation:

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Part number: 101401