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Description: Inside-DGX-XC95 is a PMOD(™) interface standalone embedded development platform providing configurable signals routing between available PMOD(™) ports and 4 Intel Quark D2000 (aka Mint Field) SoC IO signals. Easy configurable for UART/SPI/GPIO/I2C signal routing. Include optionally 18650 power charging and operation support. Perfect fly-wire and breadboard prototyping replacement solution.


  • Xilinx CPLD based non-volatile PMOD interfaces and D2K SoC wiring
  • up to 5V signal IO pins tolerant
  • embedded JTAG over FTDI programming interface
  • Selectable by jumper option to use both ports of FT2232H as UART
  • standard VHDL/Verilog configurable signal routing
  • Optional to configure and operate D2K multicore virtual ISA intercommunication
  • up to 18V unregulated DC input (meant for use with automotive 13.8V battery)
  • up to 3A power load support (3V3 supply wire only)
  • 5 PMOD(™) compatible sockets for modules connectivity
  • 3 function single USB-A port: dual UART, power-up, charging
  • Reset and management buttons step-up


Please review schematic candidate in PDF - Inside-DGX-XC95

Please review schematic candidate in PDF - Inside-DGX-XC95 without Battery

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