Stage: ready 011-pmFT245---front.png

Description: pmFT245 is a PMOD(™) interface compatible module providing complete UART to USB interface bridge as well as high speed parallel FT245 compatible interface.


  • PMOD(™) compatible UART pinout
  • extended support for UART signals including DTR/DSR/RI/DCD
  • usable for USB-to-JTAG interface application
  • usable for USB-to-I2C interface application
  • FT245 compatible parallel bus interface pinout
  • Power Enabled or Suspend signal pinout (jumper selectable)
  • support PMOD-DUO connection interface (for parallel bus mode)
  • power supply options either from USB or from PMOD socket


View schematic in PDF - pmFT245 with DC

View schematic in PDF - pmFT245 without DC